Future Projects 

Hi, Here you will find future projects I want to work on.
You can select a project and become a supporter whether it is a small part or the entire project as a patron. 

Every little bit of support helps.

What you will get in return. 
My deepest gratitude to help me grow and create as an artist. 

Your name will be added here as a project supporter no matter what the value is that you contribute. 

If you are a supporter that contributes $1000 or more towards any project(s) your name will be added to the Hall of Fame Patron wall with a link back to your Social Media.    

If you are a full supporter of the project your name will be added to the hall of fame patron list and on all social media post about the project. 
PLUS you get to name the project! You can name after yourself or in the theme of the dress. 
No derogatory, hateful, or political names please)


Project Supporters

who will be first? 

I am a self taught artist with no formal training. I started creating costumes and props to have for photoshoots after struggling to find a designer who would collaborate with me. 
I can't say that my early dresses were made very well but I have come a very long way from my first dress creation where I used a hot glue gun to hold the entire thing together!!!!  (I highly don't recommend trying that.) 

I know it seems crazy but I shoot completely for free. I find that this allows for complete creative freedom when and allows me to envision and come up with a fully completed final artistic fine fantasy art photograph. 
But this does limit my creation funds.
In order to be able to create these pieces I have created the support a dress project. 
This allows you as a supporter to decide exactly how much you would like to support as a single option rather then using patreon which requires a monthly commitment. 

If the time comes to switch to patreon I will post about it here!! =) 

Halloween Inspired Gown. naming rights available for full supporter.

This  Burnt Orange Inspired gown is created using fabric currently available through Joann store.  
Project cost: $250

Any additional cost such as thread, zippers, grommets, boning I will provide as I keep many of these on hand. Joann Gift Cards on the Registry. 

Autumn Dress Cost.jpg
Green Elven Dress
naming rights available for full supporter.

This dress is hard to explain without giving to much of it away. It has a solid Rich Green base dress with Elven elements made in Worbla decorating the bodice. With a split up the dress it you will see the same elements carried up the models leg using the same Worbla Technique.

 Fabric from Joann - Cost $100
Worbla from Amazon - Cost $60
Amazon Registry for both. LINK

I have all additional elements needed such as thread, paint, glues, and zippers. 

green nature goddess.jpg
Vampire Inspired
naming rights available for full supporter.

This will be a stunning dress of deep crimson red and black floral lace flowers.  
The Black lace fabric from Joann is about $240
The Red Crimson Fabric is $80
Total Cost $320 

Registry for both.
I have all additional elements needed such as thread, paint, glues, and zippers. 

Vampire Mistress Gown .png
haunted manor inspired
naming rights available for full supporter.

This is probably the most expensive inspired dress I have ever wanted to create. 
With an estimated 22 yards min. fabric all in dupioni silk in blackberry. 
At $22 a yard this adds up really fast with the silk alone coming in at $484. 
I could cut corners and remove the layered bows down the back and probably get away with needing only 15-18 yards of fabric but he dress is just so stunning. 
The trim cost come in at around $100 but I think I have enough of this in my stash that I won't need anymore.    
Visa Gift Cards in the Amazon cart for this since the fabric is from the silk baron. 
If you wish to sponsor the entire dress and order direct from the silk baron let me know and I can tell you how to do this. =) 

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