The Spice Hunter

Updated: Mar 20

While on the hunt for an easy and affordable storage solution for my glitter and loose gold leafing I turned to my recycling bin. Over the years I have collected a lot of random jars and containers and my craft cabinets looked disorganized and chaotic. I really wanted something that looked clean and concise.


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I wanted every item in its own container and not just loose scattered throughout my cabinets. Most of the glitter and gold leafing just tossed in a tote in their original package getting damaged or lost every time I ruffled through them.

After dragging everything out of the cabinets and placing like items together I saw a theme in my gold leafing. The first thing I noticed it was a mess. Gold leafing and glitter get everywhere. If the bag has even the smallest of holes in the bits of it will escape and soon the boxes were just littered with scraps. The second thing I noticed was that it was all roughly the same amount of products. I bought this variety pack awhile back and even with semi-regular use I still had a ton of it left. I started thinking about my needs for craft storage and organization and what could work.

My first thought was just to put it in another bag. But I knew that over time that would start to break down and get messy also. Then I thought of yogurt or baby food jars to keep things organized. But I didn't like that they were round. I wanted something that would stack nicely. That is when I noticed my Spice Hunter bottles in the bin. I grabbed a couple and tested out how they would fit in the Sterlite container and while there was a tiny bit of space still around them they fit perfectly. I grabbed the rest that I had been saving for a rainy day and washed and dried them.

These were the perfect fit and I just created a little paper funnel out of old mailers and filled them up. There was very little waste or spillage and now I have a secure and long-lasting storage option for my craft products.

I realize though that not everyone will have The Spice Hunter Jars laying about and The Spice Hunter brand does not sell their bottles empty so I did a little Amazon search and found some brand new bottles that I think would work just as well. I have not purchased and tried these yet but I think they could do the trick.

Let me know in the comments if you tried this method and what you think. I am not sponsored by The Spice Hunter or any other brand.

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