The Best Affordable Renaissance Dress

Updated: May 15

Finding affordable costume pieces for photoshoots or even to wear to fun events like renaissance festivals can feel impossible, but these ready-to-wear options can be the solution you are looking for.


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I have a lot of costume pieces, my first dress if you read my previous blog post was just a $40 find on Amazon. But since then I have added other dresses. I always try to balance budget dresses with custom-made designer pieces.

The pieces that I use the most however are the more affordable finds.

My frugal heart sings every time I use them and it is a major bonus for me as a studio owner to be able to offer a full range of sizes for everyone. These finds allow me to buy multiple dresses to cover a variety of body types. Other dresses can consume my costume budget and usually are not built to adjust for multiple sizes.

I can offer this dress in pretty much any size and color and even clamp the back if I need to and they still look gorgeous. What makes this dress perfect, besides the price and variety of colors is that they are floor length. This is great when you need to shoot in the winter and hide modern boots.

I love how ready-to-wear this set is. While the dress is not historically accurate, I like to call these my historical fantasy gowns. For photography or renaissance fairs they are perfectly acceptable options. I can take them out of the bag pop them in the washer and dryer and have a client wearing them the same day. If you want to make these look more natural wash and dry a few times. The material is soft and not like the rough cotton sheet texture you find so often in cheap costumes. Which is one of the reasons I think this particular dress looks so great.

You can pop these up a bit by adding more expensive-looking trim around the piece. I find my trim at either Joann's or on Amazon search just search Jacquard Ribbon or Trim. Changing the trim out on the top and even adding it around the other areas can change the lookup and make it stand out from others. You can dress these up further with props and accessories to bring the entire fantasy shoot come to life. Check out some of the options below and see a few of the pieces that I use. Follow my page and watch out for my next blog post on how I weather the dresses to make them look like the perfect historical fantasy gown.

I love this faux leather bag. Not only does it add an extra element to your photoshoots and help tell a story but it also is the best bag to carry with you to a festival to keep your costume in theme the whole day. (*belt and bottle sold separately) Faux Leather Bag Belt and Bottle

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