Take your potions to the next level.

Updated: Apr 9

Take your potions to the next level. When creating the new potion bottles I wanted to try some different options for liquids. My first test was using the Sauve Max Hold Hair Gel. This is all I could find local to me so I have ordered some other cheaper hair gel options on Amazon to see if the "hold strength" makes a difference. But until those come in I went ahead and played with this.

I started by gathering my supplies. You can use a lot of different items to create your jars so don't feel like you have to stick with these. I bought this particular jar at Michaels but any jar will work.

I picked up some disposable cake decorating bags. While I love using reusable icing bags I knew that I was going to be putting hair gel and glitter/shredded flakes into them and I don't want to reuse this again and risk contaminating food with glitter.

I picked up some Alcohol Ink because I thought it would mix the best with the hair gel. There are other options like food coloring, paint, and powder mixes but this is what I wanted to try. It was an easy project by just filling the icing bag with the hair gel, adding a few drops of

alcohol ink, and the iridescent glitter flakes. Once that was stirred completely I just cut the tip of the bag and fill up the jar completely.

That was it. It was an incredibly fast and easy project. But I do have some thoughts on it. - The hair gel that I used was very thick. It made mixing and stirring take a few minutes longer than it should have in my opinion.

-The alcohol ink produced an almost neon coloring. I didn't actually want my jar to be that "hot pink" tone but it is still beautiful. I will try food coloring and another alcohol ink in the future and update this post when I do. My personal recommendation is to use food coloring. It gives the best results. - I am not sure if I added too many glitter flakes or if it was the gel mix but it just looks like there is too much in the jar. If you try this project perhaps add just a few teaspoons at a time until you are happy. -Because the hair gel is super thick when you cut the tip of the icing bag it doesn't pour out fast at all, if you are using anything thinner it may create a mess. So make sure you place it in some sort of container in case you spill anything. -Secure your lid tightly. The ink will stain the cork though so just keep that in mind.

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