One Day Make - Dryad Tree Bark Waist Cincher

Creating a realistic tree bark waist cincher or corset is easy and you don't even have to sew. Finish this fun project in less than a day.

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Things you will need:

Corset or Waist Clincher Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks Paint Brushes Dark and Medium Brown Paint and a Lighter Cream Paint Matte Mod Podge Moss Ribbon Optional Floral and Appliques such as butterflies, bugs, mushrooms.


For this tutorial, I recommend this waist cincher from Amazon. You can use anything that you may already have on hand as well.

To get started take off the ribbons from the back of your corset or cincher. I didn't and learn from my mistakes it is just easier to remove them. With your glue gun on the low setting, you will want to start laying down random lines and swirls of glue. The lower heat setting will help you create a more realistic look. While you may be tempted to turn the temperature up don't. The higher setting will just make soft large blobs of glue. The lower heat setting will lay down smaller thinner lines. Look at examples of tree bark if you are worried about how your lines should look or their placement of them. TIP: When you are using the glue gun and laying down lines of glue, go back over them in a rubbing motion to move the glue around and create grooves and shape the glue this will help stop the softer lines and beaded look. Make sure that you don't hold the glue gun far away from the top. If you do the glue will cool down too fast and not stick to the fabric.

For painting start with a layer of your darkest brown paint. Let this layer dry completely before moving onto the next step.

While waiting for the paint to dry I like to prep some paper towels and also open the moss and break it apart into some smaller pieces as well as take some pieces and pull them slightly. This keeps them still in clumps but not super condensed together. I take all the crumbled bits that fell and sweep them into a small pile. I love using these to create a tiny scattering throughout the finished project.

Once everything is dry you are going to want to start adding additional layers of colors starting from the medium dark to the light in a dry brush method. After dipping your brush in the lighter paint color, rub your brush over a paper towel a few times to remove most of the paint. This is a slow process to build up the color on the raised edges of the material but it is worth the effort. Go slow and if you mess up just simply paint a dark brown over it again and start over.

Let all the paint dry completely and then you will want to seal with a layer of matte mod podge, this helps keep the glue from separating if you didn't get all of it to fuse with the material. Now you can decorate with moss or another element. If applying moss add a small amount of hot glue or even E6000 and spread it out and then sprinkle and spread the moss around. You can use the same techniques when applying other elements. Find the materials for this project and many others here: Amazon Follow me on Facebook to find out when we post new tutorials here on the blog.

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