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Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Getting ready for any portrait session can be challenging, getting ready for one with or for children can sometimes feel like a scary task. But don't let it stress you out. Follow the helpful tips below in preparing for your portrait session at Kimberly Scott PhotoART.

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So you booked your session, now what?

Once your session is booked make sure to set your date up in your phone or however you track your session. We always try to remind everyone 24 hours before your session but just in case make sure to mark it down. We would hate to have you miss your appointment.


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Now you are ready to plan for your session follow the tips below to make sure you have the best appointment possible.

These are fast paced sessions, during your we will capture various poses and facial expressions of your child. Children will typically lose interest in whatever it is they are doing within 15 minutes. This is why we gear our Limited Edition sessions to this time frame and work extremely fast.

Trust us with expressions!

Your child has multiple expressions and while we know you want to see those beautiful eyes and big smiles we can promise you that you will be in awe of all the other expressions your little one will give us.

It take's sometimes a few minutes to warm up when in front of the camera.

We encourage you to stay positive during this time. If you are stressed out they will be stressed out.

We know it is tempting to coach your child before or during the session to "smile" and "say cheese" but you may want to avoid these things. It typically will just cause those fake unnatural smiles. If we feel like we are not getting the looks we want I may ask you if there is anything that helps them smile.


Picking out what to wear can be very daunting if you are coming for one of the Limited Edition session some wardrobe may be available. Please make sure to always check the booking page to see if it says "No Wardrobe provided" or not.

If no wardrobe is provided check the "wardrobe tips" section to see what looks best with each particular set that is available. Sometimes there will be wardrobe suggestions and links to various shops that will show you what looks great. You are under no obligation to purchase these options but can use them as a guide.

For example for our "gramps fix it shop" These sessions look amazing in a pair of jeans and a basic white t-shirt with rolled up sleeves or for our Easter Bunny Garden any spring styled outfit typically looks amazing.

For non themed sessions we have a more detailed "what to wear" guide and we also encourage you to schedule your free wardrobe consultation appointment where we will review your wardrobe and go over in more detail what looks best in portraits.

For themed portraits where some or all wardrobe is provided please review the client closet or contact us to make sure we have the size available that you need. If you do not fill out the new client questionnaire we cannot promise you we will have a costume/clothing option that will fit your child(ren) the day of the event.

About a week before your session

  • Make sure no one needs a trim or haircut. Waiting until the day before or day of can lead to unhappy haircuts we want you to LOVE your portraits so plan ahead.

  • Double check your schedule and make sure you have no conflicts. Remember these sessions are fast paced and we shoot multiple sessions a day. If you are running late we may have trouble getting you slid into another time slot that day.

  • We encourage you (if it is not a surprise) to tell your child(ren) about their portrait session. Show as much enthusiasm as possible. Show them examples of what they are going to be doing. We want them to feel excited about the shoot. Building up to the session with encouragement and enthusiasm is one of those ways.

  • Schedule a hair and nail appointment if you would like for your little one. We do not have an on staff hair dresser or nail tech available for our Limited Edition Sessions. But we do encourage for certain sessions like the Princess or Fairy sessions that you do their hair and light make-up (to taste). So make sure to get your appointment scheduled. We do have some highly skilled hair/make-up artist that we can refer to you if you would like.

A couple days before your session

  • Build that hype again. Remind them they have a session coming up.

  • If you need scheduled a hair/make-up or nail appointment give them a call and reconfirm your appointment. Discuss your needs for the appointment to make sure they are as prepared as possible.

The day before your session

  • Avoid food and candy that will dye the skin.

  • Review your child's skin for any fake tattoos or maker. (We can edit these things out in Photoshop but there will be an additional fee for doing so.)

  • Remind your child again their appointment is the next day and how exciting and fun it will be.

  • Double check those toe-nails and fingernails. Make sure the polish is free of chips and is a color that will compliment the session/clothing. When in doubt a clear gloss always looks great.

The day of your session

  • Make sure to come with fresh dry clean hair. Soft loose curls look best for girls. This is a timeless look that will look great in all the sets. If you are styling your child(rens) hair make sure you are picking something that goes with the theme.

  • You will need to arrive to your session ready to start shooting. You will have time to change into wardrobe if a wardrobe is being provided only. So keep that in mind when doing their hair and makeup.

  • Bring back-up clear lip gloss

  • Some make-up is encouraged but never required. Simple light mascara, blush and gloss will give your images a more polished look.

  • Double check those nails and make sure they are ready for portraits.

  • Make sure to eat before your session. A hungry child is rarely going to cooperate well. You can bring snacks with you but please remember to bring a snack that will not stain the mouth or teeth. Example: No blue suckers, No Dark Oreo's this will create a disastrous image.

  • Remember to encourage positive thoughts for their upcoming session. Remind them of how fun it will be and what they will be doing.

Check out our next blog on. Your session is over now what? (*coming soon)

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