Free Glowing Candle Overlays

Updated: Mar 18

Add a touch of magic to your images using these free glowing candle overlays. Whether you are just a beginner or an experienced Photoshop user anyone can use these.

St. Lucia Girl in Snow with Candle Head wreath
Glowing Overlays give that extra touch of fantasy.

If you are venturing into the Fantasy and Fairytale realm of photography then you will probably find yourself working in Photoshop to add a little extra magic to your images. I frequently find myself using the same set of glowing candle overlays that I made. I use these for literally everything. -Candles -Little Glowing Orbs in a scene -Adding extra light into a sunset. The possibilities are endless really.

Girl in Red Dress holding a glowing lantern in the snow.
Pair the glowing Overlays up to make a strong glow

Girl in green dress standing in the middle of pumpkins with glowing candles around them.
Glowing Candle Light Overlays work great even on larger areas

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PhotoArt Candle Glow
Download ZIP • 1.11MB

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