A budget fantasy headdress is there such a thing?

Custom fantasy headdresses can get pricey but if you don't mind a pre-made piece then this might be for you. Read to the bottom to see how to add a little extra pop to it.


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I love creating headpieces for photoshoots but sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day or I won't be able to get the supplies in time to make them. This is why I almost always check Amazon to see if there is anything that stands out that could work. In this case, though it was my friend and one of my regular make-up artist Cat Vang - (Glam by Cathy located in Anchorage Alaska) who found this really beautiful piece when she came to our recent "celestial and saints" collaboration event. Even though she sourced the pieces and put her look together for the shoot I wanted to share this with you here because I know how difficult and overwhelming it can be to find relativity low-priced pieces for photoshoots. In this case, I loved the design and the quality looks perfectly fine for photoshoots. It was elegant and also easily fit into our fantasy realm for the shoot.

This is headpiece STYLE 10 A few of the metal bits had broken off but were a super easy fix with a hot glue gun. I am telling you this for expectation management. Even though a few pieces had broken off I don't have anything negative at all to say about it even the bits that broke loose are nothing that cannot be handled with a quick repair. I am rough on my own thing so a glue gun and E6000 are pretty much always on hand. The headpiece is a beautiful piece of wearable art and for under $40 it is something that won't make you cry when checking out.

Here is the link to the headpiece. The base headpiece did not come with the extra floral bits. Cat added those herself to add a few floral elements to the entire look. If you are just starting out or don't want to spend the extra money to change this piece up you can wear it as is. It truly is beautiful without any changes or additions. If you want the extra element links continue reading to the bottom.

BONUS Want to add a little extra to your photoshoot.

Complete the fantasy look with a set of finger cuffs.

Cat brought her session up to a whole new level by buying these finger cuffs and then gluing the additional floral elements to them. For the finger cuffs, I recommend using some E6000 to attach the extra elements simply because hot glue does tend to not want to attach metal to metal and could easily break free if you bump something. Just remember to use E6000 in a well-ventilated area and allow for the pieces to dry completely before using.

This is the link to the pack of floral bits that she glued to the piece. She said she purchased 2 sets to have enough for the headpiece and the finger cuffs. I love this piece with and without so it is entirely up to you if you want to add these elements to your creation.

I cannot wait to see what you create so comment below if you try these out!

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