Want to show your support and help me build custom fantasy and Couture gowns and corsets? 

During this lock down phase I am completely out of work so I am working on as many dresses as possible. But supplies are not cheap and with no booking sessions there is no spare funds to buy new supplies. 
I don't sell these gowns at all I use them in the studio to photograph so the materials add up very fast. 

I have considered renting them out locally but even now with no one shooting there is no one wanting to rent.  So that is for another day. 

If you would like to show your support and help purchase materials to build a dress it would be greatly appreciated. 

Each gown cost anywhere from $100 to $500+ to put together. 


Below you will find 

  • links to my favorite shops with a list of supplies I use most often. 

  • My amazon wish list that I keep pretty up to date with supplies for up coming projects and costumes I am making.


  • An upcoming project list with supplies needed. So if you want to help fund a specific dress. (purchase $200 or more in supplies and you can name the dress!)

The Royal Rose Gown

I love Amazon Wish List but sometimes the items can be double the price of what they are in other stores.  So I like to shop around and I am not opposed to getting things from other stores that can work just as well. <3 

Things I almost ALWAYS need and never have enough of
- Boning for corsets and dresses
- Featherweight Fusible Interfacing 
-Grommets (with Washers) I use 15-30 per dress/corset in Size 00 
The Silk Baron is the best value for the best materials that you can find. 
I love sewing with Dupioni Silk for my outer shells for my dresses and corsets. 
Then basic fabrics for my inner shells and liners. 

For Corsets I can use up to 2+ yards of fabric per design. 
For Dresses it is usually between 8-12 yards of fabric. 

The thing with fabric though is it needs to be all in one single cut. 
I will always try to list how much I need per color if I have anything in mind in the project files listed below.  
At min. though 2 yards will get a corset made. <3 
This is one of those places that is a MUCH better price then Amazon. 
I always try to get my 

*Swarovski hotfix crystals through here. 

Why hotfix. Because it provides a much cleaner application then trying to apply each gem with a spot of glue. 

Why Swarovski and not an off-brand.  Because it sparkles like nothing else out there. <3 

Upcoming Project Needs 
All Red Toned  (Bleeding Heart Gown) (Need Aprox 1400+)
Gold and Topaz  (The Queen Regent Gown)  (Need Aprox 1400+)

If you are wanting to purchase Swarovski crystals you don't need to purchase all of them. I am happy with anything that I can add to a little at a time myself.  
Whether it is 1, 10, 100, or 1,000 I will appreciate every little bit. 

Ordering from somewhere other then Amazon
Please do not send food items as packages go through a screening process before they come to me.  Unmarked - packages with no company/store information or sender details will be returned or destroyed. Please make sure you label your information clearly.
Mailing Address 534 Dyea Ave. Unit C 
JBER 99505 

Current and Future


Moonpetal gown

The moonpetal gown is almost complete. I have all the materials I need to finish this gown. I need to do the collar piece, finish the hem on the skirt and add beading and crystals to the corseted top. 

The Queen regent 

The Queen Regent gown I have drafted and cut out the pieces, and started sewing them together. The extremely high pointed collar pieces are difficult to see in the snap shot but I added little yellow dots to indicate where all the crystals would be going. 
I cannot wait to get more done with this gown. 
Currently in need of Crystals, flourish mould and Grommets only. 

The Bleeding Heart


This is going to be a huge skirt with corseted top. In Black Cherry Dupioni Silk.  If I find Solid Black Dupioni Silk I would be happy with that for this gown as well.
It needs aprox 12 yards of fabric. 
30 Grommets, Steel Boning and a few other items. 
Sketch of design coming soon. 

The Star Themed gown 
That needs a better name.

This is going to be a huge skirt with corseted top. In Cobalt Dupioni Silk. 
It needs aprox 12 yards of fabric. 
30 Grommets, Steel Boning, The Star Mold that is on my amazon wish list, about 1500 swaroski crystals.
And about 300 worth of other star beads and gemstones (but I already have those.
Sketch of design coming soon. 

The Black Boho Dress
That needs a Name

I have all the fabric I need to make this  same dress in black. But I am always happy to get more vintage lace (including table cloths) If you have any feel free to drop it in the mail I will make great use of it. 

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