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Where is the sessions going to be at? 
We are NOT using the Williams' reindeer farm this year.   So please do NOT go to the farm on the day of the session.  The address to the private farm will be emailed to you in the session reminder that is sent out the week before your session.  The session location is still in Palmer though so please make sure to leave enough time to travel safely depending on the road conditions. 

Will you reschedule for bad weather?  Possibly. If there is a big blizzard or a massive Ice storm the night or morning of sessions we will reschedule sessions.

How many images will I get?  For the 2020 season you will receive SIX (6) High Resolution Digital Images with Print release.  You can have these printed anywhere. 

How many people can be in the session? 
As many people that are in your family that you would like. HOWEVER please remember that your session time is for 10 minutes only.  If you have a very large family group (over 6 people) posing can take up more time. So you may want to book 2 back to back sessions.  If you are including a larger family group (such as photos for grandparents) please understand that we will do one larger group pose and then individuals of the children as well as the children together.)  There is not enough time to take multiple family groups. If this is something that you are wanting to do please send us an email to discuss it before booking. 

How long will it take to get our images back? 
Image galleries are loaded approximately 24-72 hours after your session.  To an on-line viewing gallery. Your gallery is emailed out when it is ready for viewing to the email that you booked with.  Please understand that I cannot respond to multiple emails and messages about "when will our gallery be uploaded.  Please only send questions related to when your gallery will be uploaded if it has passed the 72 hour mark in case the email you signed up with was not entered correctly.  

Is there a way to get my gallery images the same day?
Yes, I am happy to provide you with a rush gallery, our rush gallery fee is $125 please email: subject line: Rush Gallery and you will receive an invoice, once that invoice is paid your gallery will be sent to you within 12 hours of payment. 

Can I bring my baby?
Yes, children that are not able to sit up on their own will need to be held by someone. Because of safety if your child is not able to sit up unassisted they will not be able to have individual portraits. 

Can I ride the reindeer? 
No, because of the safety of the reindeer and of the client you are not allowed to sit on the reindeer ever. 

Can I touch the reindeer?
All the reindeer are use to being around people, they don't mind a back scratch at all.  Reindeer however do not like their faces being touched so try your best to avoid reaching out for their mouth and scratching that area. If our Reindeer doesn't want to be scratched she will just move away or do this really adorable shiver shake. It is important to remember that she has her own wants and needs so we will always work around what she wants/needs. If she doesn't want any scratches that day then that is okay!! 

What if I am running late? 
We will do everything in our power to squeeze you in between the other clients.  If you are not there when your time slot starts but the next client is there, we will skip ahead to them. This way if you are running late you can just slide into their spot instead. However we make no guarantees that the people after you will be there either so keep that in mind.  My assistant will be able to respond to text the day of sessions so please inform them as soon as you know if you will be late. 

Can we have Santa Claus in our photos? 
Sorry currently there is no Santa available this year.

Can we bring our pets? 
No, this is a working farm with reindeer and other animals, please respect the farms rules and don't bring any pets with you.
Why are the sessions only 10 minutes? 
I know this doesn't seem like a very long time but it really is! Last year we offered 15 minute sessions and every single client would always be done within 10 minutes.  It is cold out so you don't usually want to be outside for more then 10 minutes anyways.  The only time we recommend longer sessions is for families larger then 6 people.  On average you will have 20-40 images in your proofing gallery to choose from all taken within those 10 minutes! 

What should we wear? 
It really depends on the style and look you are going for. But I do recommend matching and avoiding t-shirts or outfits that have Character designs on them.  (like cartoon t-shirts)  You can wear a jacket, mittens, scarves, and hats if you would like or leave those in the car this is totally up to you but please understand that if you are really cold you will look really cold in the images also.  All I ask is that you come dressed and ready for your session. There is no where to change on location. 

Do you offer extra products or wall art? 
Yes.  The PhotoArt studio specializes in print and wall art.  You can purchase additional digital files for a special rate for reindeer sessions only for $60 each and prints, wall art, and albums vary so please just inquire if you are looking for something specific. 

When is your ordering deadline? 
If you are placing a print or product order the holiday deadline is December 1st for guaranteed holiday delivery.  For digital purchases your image selection must be done by December 15th

Do I have to stand outside and wait for my turn? 
No, you will be asked to wait inside your car in the parking lot until it is your turn. Right before your session time slot (about 5 minutes) I recommend that you start to get ready and out of your car and walking towards the session area.   If I am still photographing another family that is okay you will not be disturbing us by walking up to the area. You will check in with my assistant at this time as I am wrapping up with the client before you. Please wear your mask when you are near others and checking in, you can tuck your mask into your back pocket during your session.  Thank you for understanding. 

Do you have another date or time available? 
Please send an email. We are happy to work with you if you have a special date or time that you are requesting.   If the sessions show sold out, please check back on the event page after a few hours. Sometimes sessions get held up and show sold when they are placed in the shopping cart.  Sessions are only sold out for the full day if the "Book Now" button changes to say sold out.  Please email if you have any questions that I did not answer here.  I look forward to seeing all my returning families this year and meeting new families also!!